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Coconut Milk Soap

Coconut Milk Soap

Coconut Milk is a great moisturizer for Coconut Milk Soap. As with all soaps there must be a balance between the oils. We also found that adding the Coconut Milk at trace or after trace is a nice way to make the soap. Another and equally viable way is adding lye to the oils and coconut milk, but be careful because it heats up quickly where it can scorch but if you are careful and make frozen slush of the Coconut Milk you can keep the heat down in the saponification process. Either way you are looking at a fantastic bar of soap. Experiment to find the way that works best for you. Our best recommendation though is to rebatch the soap and then add the Coconut Milk to get the most from it.

For that bar of soap that competes for the best of the best or almost anything out there on the market, start with the cold process method as your base soap as above. Make it without essential oils and additives for just a plain base soap. When the soap is cured 1-2 months remill or melt & pour your soap and add your organic coconut milk and other ingredients and the essential oils. You get a luxurious Coconut Milk Soap that softens, conditions and hydrates the skin and is much more luxurious then other soaps on the market. Remember Coconut Milk will give you a creamy lather more then a bubbly lather.

Just make sure you experiment, as many people have problems remilling soap. Also use Organic Coconut Milk or Coconut Milk without any additives for the best results.

Real Coconut Milk Soap

Many soap makers will add Coconut Milk to soap because they recognize the moisturizing qualities of the Coconut Milk but they either do not add enough or add it at the wrong time. The truth is, Organic Coconut Milk is expensive. To be an effective moisturizer and to really benefit from the Coconut Milk in your soap you should have at least a minimum of 10% of Coconut Milk per batch of soap. We calculate only the Coconut Milk added after the saponification process. We find that rebatching and adding Organic Coconut Milk to the rebatch allows you to get the maximun benefit of the Coconut Milk in the soap. Adding Coconut Milk above 10% maximizes the benefit from the Coconut Milk. We hold the line that to be called a Real Coconut Milk Soap, a soap must contain a minimum of 10% Coconut Milk (and only count the Coconut Milk that is added after the saponification process) per batch or per bar of soap.
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